The Pint-Sized Railway is the highlight of Wheaton Miniature Train & Carrousel Silver Spring MD, a family-friendly park. Take a 12-minute park tour and hop aboard this miniature train. The park also offers party rooms and a pint-sized replica of a historic locomotive. During the summer, the train will make a stop at the nearby Zoo Maryland, and guests can enjoy the live musical performances. Visit the attraction at 2002 Shorefield Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20902.

The miniature train runs on a third-scale version of the 1863 C.P. Huntington engine, with passenger cars. You can ride the trains through the beautiful, two-mile park, which is full of wildlife. You can even ride through a tunnel, which is perfect for kids. The miniature train has a historic carousel and plenty of wildlife. 

If you’re a child or a grandparent, Wheaton Miniature Train & Carousel is a great place to spend an afternoon. It’s located in the Shorefield area, just off Georgia Avenue. You’ll find a parking lot right in front of the train station, and the entrance to the park is free. Tickets for the train station and the carousel are the same. The ride costs $1.75 each. You’ll ride on the carousel and the mini train, which is the same attraction. It’s a fun experience for everyone! Next article.

The Miniature Train & CarouseL is located in the Shorefield area of the park, which is easily accessible from Georgia Avenue. There’s plenty of parking, and there’s no need to worry about parking. Ticket prices are reasonable, and the train station and the carousel are connected, so tickets are interchangeable. The rides cost about $1.75 each. The Carousel was built around 1915 and was previously located in the National Mall. There are 33 horses, three zebras, and several chariot seats.

Visitors to Wheaton Miniature Train & Carousel in Silver Spring, Maryland can enjoy a variety of activities. The Ovid Hazen Wells Carousel was constructed in 1915 and has 33 jumping horses, three zebras, and two chariots. It was the Smithsonian’s first carousel on the National Mall and served as the Smithsonian Carousel from 1967 until 1981. It has been a part of American history.

The Wheaton Regional Park is a five-square-mile site in Montgomery County. The carousel and miniature train are located in the Shorefield Area. The park is large and contains distinct areas. One of these is the carousel. The museum is located in the Shorefield area. During your visit, you may want to ride the train or the carousel. More information here.