Fiat Certified auto body shop

Fiat Certified Body Shop

Fiat Certified Body ShopImperial Auto Body has been built on a foundation of excellence and ethical    This certification from Fiat supports our reputation for superior customer service serving our community. We are your neighbors and friends, so it is important to provide our customers with the peace of mind that their Fiat vehicles are being repaired correctly by highly trained professionals that care about them.

We are thrilled to have achieved the Certification and automaker recognitions from FCA. This certification helps to let our customers know they are dealing with highly trained professionals that care about them and will assure that their vehicle is repaired right to ensure its safety and performance.

When an accident happens, it can be hard to know who to trust with your vehicle. Our certification through the Assured Performance Network is important to help give the people of our community peace of mind. With the complexity of today’s vehicles, it is critical to select the right repairer. We are proud to receive this official certification and these automaker recognitions, illustrating our investment and commitment to our customers.

We’ve worked hard to stay ahead of the curve in the collision repair industry. This official Certification from Chrysler and Fiat demonstrates that commitment to our customers. We take pride in our highly trained technicians who use the latest tools and equipment to deliver a top quality repair and the best customer service.


Taking your Fiat to a Fiat Certified Body Shop offers several benefits that can ensure your vehicle receives the best care possible:

  1. Expertise and Training: Technicians at Fiat Certified Body Shops have specific training on Fiat vehicles. This specialized knowledge means they understand the unique needs of your car, from its body structure to its specialized systems.
  2. Genuine Fiat Parts: Certified shops are more likely to use genuine Fiat parts. These parts are designed to fit and perform exactly like the original components, which helps maintain your vehicle’s integrity and performance.
  3. Warranty Compliance: Keeping your service within the network of certified shops can help in maintaining your vehicle’s warranty. Many warranties have specific terms that may require repairs to be done using certain procedures and parts to remain valid.
  4. Quality Assurance: Fiat certifies shops based on strict standards for tools, equipment, and repair procedures. This certification ensures high-quality repairs that adhere to Fiat’s safety and performance standards.
  5. Resale Value: Properly maintained and repaired vehicles using genuine parts and certified services can retain a higher resale value. Future buyers might be reassured by the standard of care your vehicle has received.
  6. Insurance Liaison: Many certified shops work closely with insurance companies, streamlining the claims process. This can make dealing with accidents and repairs less stressful.

Choosing a Fiat Certified Body Shop can give you peace of mind, knowing that your vehicle is being handled by professionals who are specifically trained and equipped to take care of your model.

When you bring your Fiat to a Fiat Certified Body Shop, the level of expertise and training that the technicians possess plays a critical role in the care and maintenance of your vehicle. Here’s a deeper look into how this specialized knowledge benefits your car:

  1. Specialized Training: Fiat Certified Technicians undergo rigorous training that is specifically tailored to Fiat’s model lineup. This training covers various aspects of vehicle maintenance and repair, including the latest automotive technologies and the specific engineering of Fiat vehicles. Because Fiat cars often incorporate unique features and engineering practices, having technicians who understand these specifics is crucial for effective service.
  2. Understanding of Unique Needs: Each car brand, including Fiat, has its own design quirks and engineering specifics. For Fiat, this might include understanding the intricacies of the MultiAir engine technology, the bodywork of models like the Fiat 500, or the electronic systems integrated into newer models. Certified technicians are trained to handle these unique features according to Fiat’s own standards and protocols, ensuring that every part functions as intended.
  3. Diagnostic Skills: With specialized training, technicians are better equipped with the knowledge to diagnose issues accurately and efficiently. This means less guesswork and more precise identification of problems, which leads to effective and timely repairs. For Fiat vehicles, which may include complex electronic systems and proprietary mechanical configurations, correct diagnostics are essential to effective service.
  4. Use of Specialized Tools and Equipment: Fiat Certified Body Shops are equipped with the tools and technology specifically designed for working on Fiat vehicles. This includes diagnostic tools that interface directly with Fiat’s onboard computer systems, as well as tools designed for specific repairs on Fiat’s unique bodywork and engine parts.
  5. Up-to-Date Information: Technicians at certified shops have access to the latest service bulletins and recall information directly from Fiat. This ensures that your vehicle benefits from the latest safety fixes and updates, minimizing the risk of recurring issues.
  6. Professional Development: Technicians in these certified shops are often required to continue their education and training as new models and technologies are developed by Fiat. This ongoing training ensures they remain proficient in all aspects of Fiat vehicle care, regardless of whether you’re driving an older model or the latest release.

In summary, the expertise and training of technicians at Fiat Certified Body Shops ensure that they are not just mechanics, but specialists who understand every aspect of your Fiat vehicle, enabling them to maintain and restore its performance, safety, and reliability to factory standards.