The Gaithersburg Community Museum offers a unique look at the city’s rich history and vibrant transportation industry. The Freight House features a 1918 steam locomotive and RDC rail cars, and educational programs are held in the museum. The community’s history is richly represented by the museum’s displays and educational programs. The facility is also known for its railroad exhibits. The Freight House was the site of the city’s original railroad station, and the railroad’s ties to Gaithersburg are well-documented. You can visit the museum at 9 S Summit Ave, Gaithersburg, MD 20877.

The Gaithersburg Community Museum offers many hands-on educational exhibits and programming in a restored 1884 B&O railroad complex in Olde Towne. The museum has two floors that feature interactive exhibits for children, as well as the rolling stock of the Gaithersburg Railway Museum. In addition to the Museum, visitors can tour the Museum Station, an active commuter stop that still houses restrooms and dining facilities. In addition to indoor and outdoor exhibits, visitors can also enjoy views of train engines and passenger cars. Next stop.

The Gaithersburg Community Museum offers educational exhibits and programs. Its historic Freight House is an important part of the museum’s collections. It is also a home to the local history association, which collects and presents articles of interest. The museum offers guided tours, rental spaces, and genealogical research opportunities for those interested in the area’s history. And if you have an interest in trains, the museum even has a train model that is accessible to visitors with disabilities.

In addition to learning about the city’s history, the Gaithersburg Community Museum offers hands-on exhibits and educational programs. The museum’s restored 1884 B&O railroad station also houses an HO scale train layout and rolling stock. Ticket sales, memberships, fundraisers, and donations help support the museum’s mission. The exhibits at the Gaithersburg Community are updated frequently. They can also be viewed online.
In addition to the museum’s exhibits, the Gaithersburg Community Museum has several educational programs and displays. Its exhibits showcase Gaithersburg’s past, present, and future. The museum is located in an 1884 B&O railway complex, which was a major railroad complex when it was built. The station is now an active commuter stop, and the Museum also features restrooms and outdoor interpretive spaces. More info here.

The Gaithersburg Community Museum is located in the restored B&O Railroad Station, which was built in 1884. Its mission is to educate the public about the city’s history through educational programs and events. The museum supports itself through memberships, ticket sales, and fundraising events. It also offers genealogy services. In addition to educational programs, the museum is open to the public. In addition to exhibits, it also hosts various events.