Mazda Certified Auto Body Shop
Mazda Certified Auto Body Shop

Mazda Certified Auto Body Shop

“Our customers are at the heart of everything we do,” said Rob Milne, Vice President of Aftersales and the Technical Services Division of MNAO. “Through our collaboration with Mitchell, we can extend the Mazda experience to collision repair—supporting customers at every stage of the vehicle lifecycle, from purchasing a new car to properly restoring it following an accident.”
The Mazda Collision Network differs from other Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) repair programs due to its metrics-driven approach. Participants must meet leading industry standards for business operations, training, tools and equipment. Ongoing, systematic monitoring of each job tracks facilities’ continued compliance with program requirements for safe repair, cycle time and customer satisfaction.

As program administrator, Mitchell is responsible for overseeing enrollment and verifying compliance. Organizations accepted into the network will use Mitchell Cloud Estimating with Integrated Repair Procedures to access Mazda repair information from within the estimate. This is designed to minimize the time spent on research, reduce supplements and facilitate proper repair.

“We look forward to supporting Mazda and its efforts to deliver an exceptional repair experience,” said Debbie Day, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Mitchell’s Auto Physical Damage division. “Collision repairers are facing unprecedented challenges due, in large part, to rapid advancements in vehicle technology. The Mazda Collision Network provides them with the tools and technology they need to meet these challenges head on.”

Imperial Auto Body is proud to be part of the Mazda Certified Collision Network.

Mazda Certified Auto Body Shop

Here are some reasons why choosing a Mazda Certified Auto Body Shop can be beneficial:

Specialized Training: Technicians at Mazda Certified shops receive training specific to Mazda vehicles. This specialized knowledge ensures that they understand your vehicle’s specific repair needs and maintenance requirements, which can be crucial for complex electronic systems and advanced safety features.

Genuine Mazda Parts: Certified shops use genuine Mazda parts that are designed to work optimally with your vehicle. These parts ensure that your car maintains the manufacturer’s intended safety, performance, and efficiency standards.

Warranty and Compliance: Repairs carried out at a certified shop typically adhere to the stringent standards required by Mazda. This is important not only for safety and performance but also for maintaining the validity of your vehicle’s warranty. Certain warranty terms might require that repairs be carried out using specific procedures and parts that certified shops are equipped to handle.

Latest Technology and Tools: Mazda Certified Auto Body Shops often have access to the latest Mazda diagnostic tools and repair technology. This equipment helps technicians diagnose problems accurately and efficiently, ensuring that repairs are done correctly the first time.

Quality Assurance: Mazda enforces strict quality standards that certified shops must follow. These standards ensure that all repairs are performed to a level that restores the vehicle as close to its original condition as possible.

Insurance Handling: Many certified shops also have experience dealing with insurance providers and can help facilitate the insurance claims process, making it smoother and less stressful for you.

In summary, choosing a Mazda Certified Auto Body Shop helps ensure that the repairs to your Mazda are done with a high level of expertise, quality parts, and in compliance with the standards set by Mazda. This not only helps maintain the car’s performance and safety but also protects your investment by preserving its value and warranty.

The “Warranty and Compliance” aspect of using a Mazda Certified Auto Body Shop is crucial for several reasons:

  1. Warranty Preservation: When you buy a Mazda, it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty that covers defects and certain types of damage for a specified period. To keep this warranty valid, Mazda often stipulates that all repairs, especially those related to the body and structural integrity of the vehicle, must adhere to specific procedures and standards. Certified shops are familiar with these requirements and perform repairs that comply with Mazda’s guidelines, thus preserving the warranty. Non-certified shops may use repair methods or parts that are not approved by Mazda, potentially leading to a warranty void.
  2. Use of Approved Parts: Mazda Certified Auto Body Shops are required to use genuine Mazda parts for repairs. These parts are identical to those used in the manufacture of the vehicle and are guaranteed to perform to Mazda’s specifications. Using genuine parts not only complies with warranty requirements but also ensures that the parts fit perfectly and function as intended, which is crucial for maintaining both vehicle safety and performance.
  3. Adherence to Repair Standards: Mazda has specific repair standards designed to ensure that all vehicles are restored to a condition close to their original factory specifications. These standards cover everything from sheet metal alignment and paint application to the proper restoration of safety features like airbags and crumple zones. Certified shops are trained to follow these standards meticulously.
  4. Documentation and Accountability: Certified shops also provide detailed documentation of the work performed and the parts used. This documentation is important for warranty claims, as it proves that repairs were done according to Mazda’s specifications. This level of accountability is essential for any future warranty claims or if the vehicle is involved in another accident.
  5. Training and Equipment: To be certified, a shop must have the necessary equipment and the technicians must undergo specialized training provided by Mazda. This ensures that they are up-to-date with the latest Mazda technology and repair techniques, further ensuring that the vehicle remains compliant with all Mazda standards post-repair.

In summary, using a Mazda Certified Auto Body Shop ensures that repairs are carried out in a way that not only maintains the safety and performance of the vehicle but also adheres to the terms of the warranty. This is essential for protecting your investment and avoiding potential issues with warranty coverage in the event of future problems or claims.