Hyundai Certified Auto Body Shop

Hyundai Certified Auto Body Shop

Hyundai Certified auto body shop

Imperial Auto Body has been built on a foundation of excellence and ethical business practices. We strive to provide the highest-quality repair for our customers. Our state-of-the-art facilities and certified technicians give us the ability to achieve this Recognized status for all Hyundai automobiles.
This recognition from Hyundai supports our reputation for superior customer service serving our community. We are your neighbors and friends, so it is important to provide our customers with the peace of mind that their Hyundai vehicles are being repaired correctly by highly trained professionals that care about them.

We are thrilled to have achieved the recognition from Hyundai. This recognition helps to let our customers know they are dealing with highly trained professionals that care about them and will assure that their vehicle is repaired right to ensure its safety and performance.

When an accident happens, it can be hard to know who to trust with your vehicle. Our certification through the Assured Performance Network is important to help give the people of our community peace of mind. With the complexity of today’s vehicles, it is critical to select the right repairer. We are proud to receive this official certification and these automaker recognitions, illustrating our investment and commitment to our customers.

We’ve worked hard to stay ahead of the curve in the collision repair industry. This official recognition from Hyundai demonstrates that commitment to our customers. We take pride in our highly trained technicians who use the latest tools and equipment to deliver a top quality repair and the best customer service.


Bringing your Hyundai to a Hyundai Certified Auto Body Shop is a wise decision for several reasons, particularly if you’re interested in preserving the integrity, safety, and value of your vehicle. Here are some of the key benefits:

  1. Specialized Expertise: Technicians at a Hyundai Certified Auto Body Shop receive training specifically tailored to Hyundai vehicles. This specialized training ensures they are well-versed in the specific needs and engineering details of Hyundai models, from hybrid systems to advanced safety features like Hyundai SmartSense.
  2. Use of Genuine Hyundai Parts: A Hyundai Certified auto body shop will prioritize the use of genuine Hyundai parts. These OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts are designed to fit and function exactly as those originally installed on your vehicle, which helps maintain the vehicle’s optimal performance and safety levels.
  3. Warranty Protection: Many repairs, especially those involving the vehicle’s safety and electrical systems, need to be conducted in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications to keep the vehicle’s warranty intact. Hyundai Certified Auto Body Shops follow the precise procedures required by Hyundai, ensuring that warranty conditions are met.
  4. Advanced Diagnostic Tools: These shops are equipped with Hyundai-specific tools and diagnostic equipment, which are crucial for accurately identifying problems and ensuring that repairs are done correctly. This is especially important for the sophisticated electronics and computer systems present in modern Hyundai vehicles.
  5. Latest Repair Techniques: As vehicle technologies evolve, Hyundai continues to update its repair techniques and service bulletins. Certified shops have access to this latest information, enabling them to handle even the newest models with the most advanced features.
  6. High Quality Standards: Hyundai certification requires auto body shops to adhere to stringent standards of quality in terms of facilities, tools, and customer service. This means you can expect a higher level of service and support, which can significantly enhance the overall maintenance experience.
  7. Enhanced Resale Value: Repairs made with genuine parts and according to manufacturer specifications can help preserve or even enhance your vehicle’s resale value. Documentation of proper maintenance and repairs at certified shops is often seen as a sign of well-cared-for vehicle by prospective buyers.
  8. Insurance Liaison: Like many certified shops, Hyundai Certified Auto Body Shops typically have good relationships with insurance companies, which can make the process of claims handling smoother and faster for you.

Overall, opting for a Hyundai Certified Auto Body Shop ensures that your vehicle is treated with the utmost care and expertise, maintaining its performance, safety, and value over time.