If you are looking for a safe, family-friendly community in Rockville, Maryland, consider relocating to West End Park. This small-town neighborhood offers large, affordable homes in a quiet, friendly atmosphere. This popular neighborhood has roots dating back to 1912 and has been steadily developing over the years. With many schools and parks, residents of this area can enjoy all that Rockville has to offer, while enjoying the benefits of a larger city. More news here.

The West End is one of the first areas in Rockville, consisting of a tract of 200 acres that was subdivided into 85 lots. The Beall family first settled in the neighborhood near North Adams Street in the late 1700s, and a homestead was built in 1815. The Beall-Dawson homestead is still standing today and was built in 1908. The city has owned this historic house since 1965, and it is now occupied by the Montgomery County Historical Society.

The West End is home to the three original free black communities in Rockville. After the Civil War, Bealls sold off small parcels of land to freed slaves and other African American families. These parcels became Martins Lane, Middle Lane, and Thirty Oaks. These neighborhoods today continue to attract a diverse population of people. The Montgomery County Historical Society’s headquarters is located in the historic Beall House, which was a former clerk of court. Get details here.

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