The Rockville Park Historic District is a national historic district in Rockville, Maryland. The neighborhood was platted in 1884 along the B&O Railroad Metropolitan Branch. In the 1890s, the population grew and soon the area was home to numerous thriving businesses and homes. Whether you’re interested in history, architecture, or simply a great place to live, there’s an opportunity for you to explore the historic buildings and neighborhoods in the area.

The original platting of this district dates to the 19th century, but it was surrounded by turnkey subdivisions that were built after World War II. Because of this, the community has an unusual open landscape, angled streets, and spatial associations. The area is also adjacent to the Rockville station of the B&O Railroad. Today, the neighborhood is a hub for many small businesses in Rockville. It has many unique and interesting buildings to view, and you can tour the historic sites by renting or buying a home. More local spots here.

Residents of Rockville Park have found a harmonious balance between family-friendly neighborhoods and downtown growth. Many young professionals and couples opt for newer condos downtown, while long-time residents are more inclined to opt for newer construction. Despite these challenges, Rockville has maintained its charming hamlet atmosphere with several parks and farmer’s markets throughout the year. These events help bring the community together and keep residents happy. Learn more here.

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