Twinbrook is a large residential subdivision located in Rockville, Maryland. The subdivision’s name was chosen by four developers, Joseph L. Geeraert, Roland Simmon, Wesley Sauter, and Donald Gingery. The development’s four initial residents are now known as the Twinbrook Club. Currently, the community has over 3,500 residences. Listed below are some of the most popular Twinbrook homes for sale.

The first homes in the neighborhood were built between 1952 and 1956, with prices ranging from $9250 to $11,500. The government backed the mortgages, so a white male veteran could purchase a home for as little as $50. By the end of the 1950s, there were many more Twinbrook houses than were built. In 1949, the community became part of Rockville, and two additional neighborhoods were developed. In 1953, the south section of Twinbrook was annexed by the city, while the north section of Twinbrook was annexed to Rockville. Both additions used the same layouts and designs as the original. More local spots here.

In addition to its proximity to the Metro’s Red Line, Twinbrook is a great place for a business. A new retail center, a personal trainer, and dining options are within walking distance of the community. The area is also pet-friendly and offers a variety of amenities. The Galvan at Twinbrook is a great choice for a pet-friendly Rockville apartment. The community offers many amenities for a pet-friendly community, including an in-home dog park and a fitness center. More here…

Lotte Plaza Market – Rockville

Twinbrook Library

El Kaypi

Twinbrook Community Recreational Center

Redwood Montessori Academy