The African-American neighborhood of Lincoln Park is located in Rockville, Maryland, and is the oldest part of the community. The area is a short distance east of the B&O Railroad tracks, and most of its residents go to the nearby Richard Montgomery High School. The neighborhood has a community center that has been very helpful for the community and has helped many people in the area. This article will provide information on the services that are available in the area.

By 1920, the neighborhood had 30 houses. There were seven rental units for Welsh. Two of the homes were log cabins. The rest were two-story frame structures. Bungalows typically had a front porch, and larger homes were built to accommodate later expansion. These larger houses resembled the newly-built Victorian homes in the West End section of Rockville. The Cooks built a unique townhouse that was reminiscent of the townhouses they had admired in Pittsburgh. More here.

The community’s history dates back to 1891. There are two western entrance roads that are closed for the Metrorail extension. A new park is being built there. Pressure is building to rezone the land around the new Metro station. The park has a rich history and deserves a thriving community. If you’re considering moving to Rockville, there are many resources available. And don’t forget to visit the historic sites that are close to the area. Get details here.

Lincoln Park Community Center

The Rev Room

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