The midsize homes in New Mark Commons make the neighborhood attractive and stable. Many of the original owners are still residents, making the community a perfect place to raise a family. While it may be similar to Twenty-First Century Village, the new residential community will be distinct from it. Below, we’ll look at a few of the benefits and drawbacks of this Rockville, MD, community. It’s worth noting that the new townhomes in this neighborhood are not located in a highly trafficked part of town. More local news.

The New Mark Commons neighborhood’s design is based on a concept that encourages neighborliness while offering residents privacy. The townhouses are planned to be close to each other, creating common spaces and open spaces. The developers, Edmund J. Bennett Associates, made sure to incorporate one through street throughout the entire development. All other streets are dead-ends, with as few as five or six houses. No townhouse in this community faces the New-Mark Esplanade. Get details here.

The architecture at New Mark Commons was intended to depart from typical Washington, DC, architecture. Architect Richard Bennett bragged in 1964 that contemporary styling was today’s idiom, and he never built traditional homes in this community. The contemporary homes in the neighborhood have aged well and represent Bennett’s progressive statement of modern living. As a result, the community’s high quality of life is enhanced by the architecture.

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