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How to Safely Correct a Slide on an Icy Road

Snow, ice, and below freezing temperatures might make a beautiful view from indoors, but when we have to go out in this winter weather it can be dangerous. If you do end up skidding across an icy road, it is possible to to remain calm and regain control of your car. Take your foot off […]

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How to Stay Safe After a Winter Weather Car Accident

If you’re in an accident, there are always certain steps you should take to maintain your safety, the safety of others involved, and the safety of other cars that may be approaching the area. But, in the winter, there are several factors that can require a change in the procedure. ● Winter daylight hours are […]

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Tips for Preventing a Collision in the Winter

Remember that in winter weather, safe driving and collision prevention takes a little extra extra effort. It takes the right combination of maintenance and safe driving to avoid accidents in the winter. This is our list of dos and don’ts for safe winter driving. Don’t Multitask, Just Drive When you’re driving in bad weather, visibility […]

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