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How To Avoid Common Collisions

Most drivers aren’t looking to get in a collision – they can be painful to your wallet, your property, and to any people who are involved. Unfortunately, the most common kinds of collisions are those when traffic is moving slowly, or not at all. These low speed, low impact accidents are called fender benders. So, […]

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What to do When You’re in an Accident

car accident

You’re on your way, and suddenly, BAM. The sound of your car making contact with another knocks you out of driving mode and a panic sets in… What now? Auto accidents aren’t fun, and they can bring about a mess of questions about what to do, dealing with insurance, filling out a police report, and […]

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Finding the Right Collision Repair Shop

After an accident, the last thing most of us want to deal with is finding a collision repair shop we can count on to do quality repairs, work with the insurance company, and cooperate with the customer during a stressful time. No matter how badly your car was damaged, getting it repaired does not have […]

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