A gravel/rocky trail runs through a small town in the state of Maryland called Sandy Spring. The area is rich in historic architecture and features views of wildflower fields. The Underground Railroad route goes through several thorny briar patches. During the abolitionist movement, the community played a pivotal role in escaping slavery, and the trail is a good place to learn about their experience. The trail is located at 16501 Norwood Rd, Sandy Spring, MD 20860.

The Underground Railroad Experience Trail is a self-guided trail through the historic town of Sandy Spring. You can also download a brochure that provides information about the history of this area. The guide provides information about the history of slavery in the South, including how the slave trade affected the lives of thousands of people. The trail is free and self-guided, but guided tours are available once park programming begins. Listed below are some of the main historical sites you can visit while exploring the town.Next article.

The trail winds through woods, fields, and streams as you walk through historic Sandy Spring. Hikers will see the remains of slaves who lived here in the 1860s. The two-mile hike is perfect for families and is suitable for hikers of all ages. The start times for these hiking tours are not guaranteed, so plan ahead. The trail is easy to navigate and is recommended for families with children.

The Underground Railroad Experience Trail starts at Woodlawn Manor Cultural Park and ends in Sandy Spring. During the course of the experience, visitors will follow the footsteps of enslaved African Americans who walked miles to freedom. There, they will learn about the life of these people, and how they managed to escape their fate. The trail has been designated as an official park in the state of Maryland, and the Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission will offer guided tours this spring. Learn more here.

The Underground Railroad Experience Trail is a four-mile round-trip route that begins and ends at Woodlawn Manor Cultural Park in Sandy Spring, MD. The route follows the steps of enslaved African Americans who made their way from the South to their freedom in the United States. Historically, this journey is important for the Underground Railroad, and the history of the slaves in the area will make the trail even more interesting.
This historical site is also a great place to learn about the Underground Railroad. It was a major part of the abolition, and a local Quaker attorney helped the slaves get out. The site is also home to the historic ruins of the house where the enslaved were held. While the Underground Railroad is not a museum, it can be a fun and educational experience.