Founded in 1977, the Sandy Spring Museum aims to preserve the past and present of the town. Located at 17901 Bentley Rd, Sandy Spring, MD 20860, the museum promotes community-driven cultural arts and educational programs that give people a sense of place. The mission statement is to create an environment where people can experience history and the arts. The museum also serves as a cultural hub in the town. Here, you can explore the city’s past and present through hands-on activities.

The museum is a wonderful place for corporate events and meetings, and is one of the best places to host an event. Its spacious vaulted ceiling and round tables will comfortably seat 80 people. The museum also offers a gift shop filled with local items. The building is well-equipped for a catered event, and even has a kitchen. Alcohol is not allowed in the building, but you can bring wine and have a reception afterwards. Parking is plentiful on the side streets, and the museum has free WiFi. More here.

If you are planning a business event in MoCo, you should consider the Sandy Springs Museum. The historic ambiance and history of the city make it a great location for an event. The museum is a great venue for business events, and is also available for private parties. You can plan your event in the gallery’s vaulted ceiling room, where you can enjoy a meal with colleagues. You can even host a wedding or company event there. The museum provides plenty of space for guests to park.

The museum offers a large vaulted ceiling for private events, which can accommodate up to 80 guests. For events, the museum provides round tables and chairs. It is also equipped with a small gift shop with local items. If you need to cater your event, the museum has a kitchen. While alcohol is not allowed, it is permitted with prior permission. There is plenty of side parking for attendees. The art installation on the grounds is a great addition.

The Sandy Springs Museum is a hidden gem in MoCo. The museum offers a rich history and has a lot to offer. You can host a wedding, or organize a company event here. The facility can also accommodate a variety of types of events. You can even get married at the site. A great place to hold a reception is at the SSM. If you’re looking for a venue for a business event, this is a great choice. Learn more details here.

The Sandy Springs Museum is a great place to host a meeting. It has a spacious vaulted ceiling room that can accommodate up to 80 guests. It is also equipped with round tables. The museum also offers a small gift shop with local interests. It is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit, so alcohol is not allowed, but it’s allowed with permission. The location is accessible by public transit.