Lake Needwood And Other Rockville Sights

Within Rockville MD are many places that must be seen and experienced to be believed. The area is located a stone’s throw from Washington DC and attracts many visitors. Here are a few of the ideal locations in Rockville MD to explore.

Lake Needwood

As a 75 acre reservoir, Lake Needwood is east of Rockville and within the Rock Creek area. This man made lake preserves the quality of the creek’s water as well as helps control flooding. Lake Needwood is cherished by those who visit the Rock Creek Regional Park, where it serves as a major attraction within the park. Visitors to the lake are able to rent a canoe, paddle or rowboat to enjoy it at their leisure. A pontoon boat is also available for rental. Aside from boating, it is also the site of picnic areas where high profile neighborhood events are often held. In addition, the park has trails for hiking and biking, as well as a golf course.

Rockville Town Square

The Rockville Town Square is an area that visitors to the state are highly encouraged to see. During the winter its ice rink provides a fun place to test one’s grace. The rink measures 7,200 square feet, making it ideal for recreational ice skaters. Visitors to the Town Square can even book ice skating lessons here.

For fun community events, the place to be in the Town Square is the Visarts community center. Local artists rent studio space in the center and visitors are always welcome to view their works. The first and second floors of the community center feature art galleries that are open to the public. Finally, Fountain on the Square often hosts exciting events. This includes festivals, yoga classes and concerts performed by talented local bands.

Glenview Mansion

The Glenview Mansion is a home dating back to 1926. It can be found on the National Register of Historic Places. Found in the city’s Civic Center Park, Glenview hosts art exhibits as well as Sunday afternoon concerts held every month. The Formal Gardens are also worth seeing during a visit to the mansion. Visitors can request to take a tour of Glenview.


These are just a few of the exciting attractions the area has to offer. There is something for every visitor to appreciate. The area often attracts visitors from near and far thanks to its many beautiful sights.

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