Original equipment manufacturer auto parts, or OEM parts, are car parts that are made by the vehicle’s original manufacturer. They are the exact same parts, made with the same materials in the same way, usually with the same machines, that the vehicle was made with.

It does not mean that the parts are made by the car company; many auto companies use outside manufacturers to produce their original parts. OEM parts are made by the same manufacturer as the original vehicle, regardless of who that was.
When auto parts are broken or worn out either due to an accident, normal wear and tear, or other damage to a vehicle, original equipment manufacturer parts can be used to replace the old parts. Many auto body shops and insurance companies allow the vehicle owner to choose what kind of parts to use on the vehicle during repair or maintenance, because there are other manufacturers that produce parts of lesser, equal, or superior value.

OEM Auto Parts: The Basics

They might be more expensive. Often, OEM parts are more expensive than either aftermarket or recycled parts.

OEM parts will help your vehicle maintain its value. Because OEM parts are made by the same manufacturer with the same materials as your original vehicle, they are essentially the same exact parts. Therefore, they are the best option to help your vehicle maintain its value for longer.

They maintain safety and other standards of the original vehicle. The original manufacturer helped set and adhered to the original safety standards of the vehicle. Using OEM parts on your vehicle will help maintain the original safety standards. The same applies to things like fuel efficiency, assuming that the vehicle is maintained according to the manufacturer’s requirements.

OEM parts may come with a warranty. In some cases, OEM parts come with a limited warranty, usually, one year. A dealership may also stand by their labor.

You know what you’re getting. If you’re happy with your original vehicle, OEM parts might be right for you. There is usually only one option. You’ll know that the parts you’re using to replace your old ones are going to be the same. They will fit, they will work with your vehicle properly, and they will help maintain the value and standards that your car previously held and met. However, aftermarket parts that may be made on different machinery or with different materials can either be of higher or lower quality in many ways. It takes some research to find out which aftermarket parts are right for you.